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About Bandoleros

Bandoleros is the Chicago-based musical force of nature that has mesmerized audiences around the world with its spicy blend of Middle Eastern, Spanish flamenco and Latin flavors. Featuring a multicultural musical repertoire of original songs sung in Arabic, English, Spanish, Italian, Greek and Turkish, their music pulses with spirited, get-up-and-dance rhythms.

Bandoleros began 15 years ago as an immensely popular band that covered the music of the renowned Gipsy Kings.  However, it was their original songs that refined the band’s signature “Gipsy-Arabia” sound and caught the attention of the band that had served as their muse in the early days. Bandoleros’ CDs now include original songs recorded with members of the Gipsy Kings, and the band has collaborated with Patchai Reyes of the Gipsy Kings and Los Reyes on sold-out tours throughout the Middle East, Far East and India.

The internationally recognized Zumba Fitness has purchased “Mambo”, an original Bandoleros Song for their upcoming new CD to be distributed throughout the world.  The City of Chicago also paid tribute to Bandoleros when the band was asked to perform with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in the city’s bid to host the 2016 Olympics. The recording was presented to the International Olympic Committee in Beijing during the summer Olympic Games, offering a resonant example of the sheer energy and diversity of music in Chicago.

Representing their Assyrian and Spanish heritage, Bandoleros band members include Wesam Isho (composer, vocals and percussion), Ashur Isho (composer, guitar, vocals and sound engineer), Mauro Frosio (keyboards), and Robert Antar (rhythm guitar). Their record credits include Habibi (2000), Bandolero (2002), Maximo (2003), A Part of Us (2005), Ashur Solo (2006), Compas de Fuego (2008), Gipsy Arabia (2010), Habibi Nisani (2010), and Bandoleros Live (2011).

Check Bandoleros Music at www.bandoleros.com, available in CD and mp3 downloads.

Visit our Store at http://shop.bandoleros.com/main.sc

Check our videos in YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/user/thebandoleros

For Show Information go to http://www.zvents.com/user/show/bandoleros


Johnny Shabandar Singer

Johnny Shabandar

Johnny Shabandar is one of the co-founders of what many consider to be one of the most popular and eclectic bands in Chicago - the BANDOLEROS. "I grew up with music always in my life," states Johnny. "I was very observant of other singers and I hoped to be like them one day. Who would think that there would be a time when I could play in front of standing room only audiences three times a week in Chicago?"

Although he dreamed of coming to the USA, it did not become a reality until 1982. Johnny's journey was not an easy one. To protect him from the fate of his brother, who got killed while serving in the military in Iraq, the family fled to Greece when Johnny turned 15. While in Greece, music became his refuge and Johnny began to explore this love by singing and playing guitar at outdoor nightclubs to enthusiastic audiences. In the summer of 1982, he, along with his family, were invited to live permanently in the USA. He spent all of his free time singing, playing music and writing songs for other singers. "One day, one of my good friends discovered that I was capable of performing, so he introduced me to a guitar player named John Horia". That led Johnny to perform with a band called "Bandito de Amore." After one short year, Johnny realized his dream and started his own band, the BANDOLEROS. What began as a sound-a-like of the Gipsy Kings and "Los Reyes" quickly evolved into the unique sound of the BANDOLEROS. Offering an unmatched combination of songs in six different languages: English, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Arabic and Assyrian, the music also came to reflect the diversity of its members, which are Assyrian, Venezuelan, Cuban, Ecuardorian, and Russian backgrounds, while incorporating sounds of the Caribbean, Latin America and the Mediterranean. "We have only just begun," says Johnny. Stay tuned.